GTA 6 Release on Next-Gen: Will GTA V’s Success Speed up Development?

GTA 6 Release on Next-Gen: Will GTA V's Success Speed up Development?

During the last conference with investors, the leaders of Rockstar Games celebrated the incredible commercial success of Grand Theft Auto V: the blockbuster free roaming of the Grande R has in fact reached 110 million copies distributed and continues to be among the best-selling games on PCs and consoles.

The Take-Two financial report thus contributes to fueling the hopes of enthusiasts who are anxiously awaiting the announcement of GTA 6, whose project has been repeatedly confirmed by former Rockstar employees and by the inevitable anonymous sources inside the company.

According to several industry analysts and members of the videogame press, the incredible sales of Grand Theft Auto V and the huge community that continues to populate GTA Online’s servers could indeed push Rockstar Games to accelerate the timing of GTA 6 development to “ride the long wave “of the success of the chapter starring Michael, Trevor and Franklin.