Has Square Enix’s Project Prelude Rune Been Canceled?

Has Square Enix's Project Prelude Rune Been Canceled?

An announced surprise during the past Tokyo Game Show, the Project Prelude Rune have quickly lost track and today we find out that the game might (the conditional is a must) have been deleted.

The news is linked to the possible closure of Studio Istolia, the internal team of Square Enix headed by Hideo Baba and to work on the project. As we know, Baba has left the publisher Square Enix for a few months and in the past few hours, the company has canceled Studio Istolia’s Twitter and Facebook pages, also obscuring the official website and removing the first trailer of the game.

At the moment it is not clear if Project Prelude Rude is still under development, perhaps with a second team other than Studio Istolia, the situation is unclear and Square Enix has not announced anything about it during the last financial meeting with shareholders.