How Many Hours Will the Main Rage 2 Campaign Last?

How Many Hours Will the Main Rage 2 Campaign Last?

Today is the day one of Rage 2, the first reviews of the game are already online, and the fans of the saga will surely already have their Avalanche and ID title firmly in their consoles. Software.

For those who are still wondering whether to buy the game or not, as well as inviting you to read our review again to get an idea, here is some information on its main campaign.

One of the main questions about the game is ” How long will Rage 2 last? ” Well, let’s start by saying that the duration of the actual campaign is rather short. In fact, the history of the game is completed relatively easily between five and seven hours. Obviously, however, the duration increases by completing the secondary missions, for example, thanks to which it is also possible to reach about fifteen hours.

If that was not enough, it is possible, by completing practically everything the game has to offer, to finish the game in about thirty hours. This is a duration that may actually seem less than the average of traditional open worlds, but at least it means that besides the main story, the game still has a lot to offer, including several Rage 2 DLCs that are coming after the Exit.

What do you think? Did you expect such a duration?