Overwatch League and Upperdeck: Players’ Cards Are Coming

Overwatch League and Upperdeck: Players' Cards Are Coming

Unexpected partnership for the Overwatch League. By now we are used to hearing big multinationals like Coca Cola, Intel, Toyota. Yesterday the organizing committee of the Overwatch League made public the partnership with Upper Deck, a historic name of the US industry traditionally linked to card games.

Upper Deck takes care of making the licenses for collectible card games and more. The company also produces the classic figurines related to comics and the world of stars and Stripes sports.

According to the press release: ” Upper Deck and Overwatch League announced today a multi-year agreement for the production and sale of collectibles under a license that includes the first publication of export cards in the world, as well as stickers, prints, posters and others collectible.

Overwatch League fans will be able to buy, collect and exchange cards with other collectors around the world through Upper Deck e-Pack, the future platform that will allow fans to easily access card packs from anywhere in the world using one smartphone, tablet or PC. What makes the e-Pack system truly unique is the possibility for users to obtain physical versions of the cards, which will be sent anywhere in the world “.

Fans will be able to see a taste of the first set dedicated on June 19th on UpperDeckEpack.com. Participants in the Overwatch League All-Star events will receive promotional packages with two exclusive All-Star themed hero cards available for a limited time via a QR code.

In reality, although it may seem like a great novelty, the collecting craze in the form of cards is already widespread in competitive gaming. First of all, Panini has already entered the export business in partnership with Complexity Gaming.

Secondly, Epics.gg (a platform that has raised millions of dollars in funding) already allows fans to collect and exchange cards related to CS: GO.