Red Dead Online Comes out of the Beta: Poker Comes, New Missions and Activities


Today May 14 Red Dead Online officially came out of the Beta phase, in which it had been since its launch at the end of last November. Rockstar Games took the opportunity to thank the players who throughout this time have contributed their feedback to perfect the gaming experience.

To celebrate the official publication of the modality, the company has published an update with numerous contents that are going to further expand the offer for the players. To begin with, the new cooperative missions of the saga “A land of opportunities” debut. After the epic finale at Fort Mercer of the previous series of assignments, Jessica LeClerk continues the search for her husband’s murderer, during which he can choose between two different routes, Pistolero or Fuorilegge. In Free Roam new types of missions and new characters have appeared from which to receive them, some coming from Red Dead Redemption 2: the online component, let’s remember, is set a few years before the events of the main story. During your wanderings in the frontier, moreover, you can now come across new dynamic events like ambushes, rescue missions, distressed passers-by to be protected and more.

By popular demand, Poker has finally arrived. You can find tables to play at Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station. Each table can accommodate up to 6 players, but it is also possible to invite a friend for a private match. 3 new Posse Versus Challenge have also been added: leaders can use the Player Menu to organize an intra-Posse contest, choosing between competitive fishing, bird hunting, and herb picking.

Today’s update also marks the debut of the Hostility System and Gaming Styles. The first is an evolution of the system of law and sizes already altered in the past. From now on, the attacked players will be able to defend themselves without running the risk of being marked as hostile and receiving a bounty on their heads. Previously, both attackers and their targets were marked as enemies: now the player inflicting the damage is immediately marked as the enemy of the attacked user. Players do not accumulate an increase in Hostility in the case of killing the one who has been marked as an enemy. In any case, it is important to point out that the increase in Hostility does not occur in situations such as Free Roam events, Free Roam missions, Accounts, and Races. Clashes between players in Free Roam missions do not lead to an increase in Hostility,

The game styles are two, offensive and defensive. The first reflects the current free roam mode, while the second represents an evolution of the Passive Mode concept. Players in Defensive Mode, for example, cannot be captured with the lasso from others. On the other hand, if a player in Defensive Mode catches another user with a lasso, he is immediately removed from the defensive state and receives an increase in his level of hostility. By choosing the style of defensive play, players lose the ability to engage others, but in return, they cannot be hooked themselves. Defensive players, moreover, can use manual aiming and be targeted in manual aiming themselves, and can neither receive nor inflict serious damage: in fact,

Finally, we would like to mention the addition of many new clothes (including the Ponchos), emote and the Revolver LeMat, a weapon certainly already known to fans of the first chapter. All those who will play Red Dead Online this week will receive 15 Gold Bars and a 25% bonus to experience in the series’ assignments A land of opportunities, in Free Roam missions, in Free Roam events, in Races, and in Showdown modes. Treasure hunters will find 25% more money and gold in all the boxes that contain them. Owners of the Ultimate Edition will receive 100 RDO $ and the Throat Slit emote free of charge.

The news, as you have seen, are many. The release from Beta, however, does not mark the end of the growth of the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer component. Quite the contrary, in the future Red Dead Online, will continue to expand with the arrival of new content. After all, with GTA Online Rockstar Games has already amply demonstrated how much care it is able to infuse in its products.