Red Dead Online: Here Are All the Gameplay and Balance Improvements

Red Dead Online: Here Are All the Gameplay and Balance Improvements

Red Dead Online has come out of the Beta phase and is preparing to welcome a whole series of innovations that will greatly enrich the experience that players continue to share in the western universe created by Rockstar Games.

As we have already reported on our pages, the major update that comes along with the release from the beta phase has introduced Poker and a large number of additional missions and activities. In addition to this, the development team also took care of filing down some aspects of gameplay and balancing that had not been entirely convincing so far. Below is a list of the changes made by Rockstar:

  • Removed the tracking for automatic Headshots (valid only for human opponents): as there will still be a general auto-aim towards enemies, headshots will no longer be automatic and easily executable as in the past. This should add some challenge and make multiplayer more competitive;
  • Speeded up the time needed to change weapons and to launch items such as dynamite and flammable bottles;
  • Added the new “FPS2” control system (also available in the single-player game) which will allow you to sprint with R1 and crouch with X;
  • Removed the daily challenges related to PvP in Free Roam mode and introduced new types of Challenges and Rewards, including the Challenge Streaks that will progressively ensure you an ever larger amount of Gold;
  • New awards associated with the Free Roam mode;
  • Greater flexibility in Free Roam mode thanks to the timer for increased signaling and the reduction of the distance from which a player can be signaled.
  • Introduced the mechanics of the Complaint: when one is eliminated by a player of higher Hostility and no personal revenge is sought, the Complaint may be used during the respawn time, thus giving our killer a higher value to his Hostility and to his Cut (it is not possible to carry out the operation if you have a particularly high Hostility) ;
  • Through the menu, you can assign each of your horses a specific mode in which you would like to use them;
  • The activities will grant a quantity of gold substantially doubled compared to the past;
  • Introduced a cinematic mode with HDR both for the campaign and for Red Dead Online.

It, therefore, seems that Rockstar has rolled up his sleeves to be able to completely rebalance Red Dead Online in all its aspects. To entice users to take part in the experience, Rockstar gives the possibility to play on PlayStation 4 for free until May 27th (PlayStation Plus is not required) and also offers an advantageous discount that all new subscribers can take advantage of. What do you think of the Red Dead Online changes?