Red Dead Online: New Ingame Jobs Are Coming with Summer Updates


The end of the Red Dead Online Beta, accompanied by the release of the 1.08 update, is just the first step in a long road that the developers of Rockstar Games will travel over the next few months to further enrich the western universe of their blockbuster world-wide open.

Starting this summer, in fact, the American authors plan to publish a new series of updates that will introduce new activities , through which to track down wanted criminals assuming the role of bounty hunters , take the path of treasure hunter finding exotic objects scattered on the map or abandon the career of an outlaw to embrace that of the merchant .

Every profession, the developers of the Grande R promise, will guarantee a unique gaming experience: also for this reason, with the updates that will come from here to the summer, the addition of new clothing and items of equipment, together with rare weapons and prizes to gain ingame. As a result, each GTA Online “career” will have a whole new set of unique attributes to unlock, but those who want to adopt a freer approach will still be able to ride to the Sun following their instincts (and the wake of money).

Over the next few weeks, Rockstar Games plans to unveil more details on these new game modes.