The CEO of Take-Two Talks About PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Google Stadia

The CEO of Take-Two Talks About PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Google Stadia

The CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick, spoke about next-gen consoles and streaming platforms during the last meeting with the company’s shareholders, with the aim of outlining the future of the company.

Zelnick says he is not too worried about the release of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: “it is true that the arrival of PS5 and the new Xbox could affect some products of our lineup but we are definitely at ease in terms of technology at the moment. “Take-Two Interactive is therefore ready to welcome the future, the CEO reiterates that in the transition to the new generation” there will be no problems, we are aware of the change and these dynamics will not ruin or interrupt the ready-made business plans. “

The president of the group then spoke briefly also of Google Stadia , claiming to ” look favorably on streaming technology, especially in North America where connections have reached a good level “, despite the appreciation, at the moment Take-Two has not announced any plans for this platform but it is possible that one or more company titles will accompany the launch of Stadia on the market by the end of the year.

Finally, Strauss Zelnick recalled that Take-Two is working on various games not yet announced, at least one of which is due to arrive by the end of the fiscal year, ie before March 31st, 2020.