Bloodborne: The Board Game Is an Incredible Success on Kickstarter

Bloodborne: The Board Game Is an Incredible Success on Kickstarter

Bloodborne: The Board Game’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter ended a few hours ago and the results achieved went well beyond expectations.

The Kickstarter campaign of the game had in fact the initial objective to raise about 200,000 dollars and, at the time of its closure, it exceeded the goal of 4 million with almost 24,000 users who decided to finance the project. To be precise, the amount collected during the collection is 4.013,731 dollars, mind-boggling numbers compared to what is usually seen on the platform and to the initial amount requested. This success shows that the players particularly appreciated the exclusive PlayStation 4 by From Software and continue to hope that the much-rumored new title of Myiazaki, whose announcement is expected for E3 2019, is Bloodborne 2.

For those curious to find out more details about the Bloodborne board game, this is a project conceived by Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang which includes the participation of a number of players ranging from 1 to 4. Inside the pack, you will also find miniatures rich in details depicting characters and creatures from the title From Software.

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  1. $4M was kind of expected for CMON. The last SG was at $4M, and it’s the last $13K at the last minute that I find interesting. Too lazy to find out how many backers that amounts to.

  2. After it started out doing 1.5 million the first day, I figured it would probably triple that by the end.

    So, to me, it kind of under-performed by half a million.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, 4 million is good numbers- even compared to some other CMON Kickstarters (some have performed much higher, but in the past year they haven’t had anything this high).

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