Fortnite 9.01: All the News of the Battle Royale!

Fortnite 9.01: All the News of the Battle Royale!

Epic Games has published the 9.01 Fortnite update, which introduces the Tactical Assault Rifle for the Royal Battle mode and fixes some bugs and technical problems. Let’s see all the news coming for Fortnite Battle Royale together.

This minor update also improves the overall performance of the game by solving the following bugs:

  • Improved streaming performance levels on all platforms
  • This should reduce building loading errors
  • Optimized physics to improve duct performance

Novelty of Fortnite

Shock Wave Adjustments. Shockwaves no longer block construction. Building in height to reach a shock wave should be easy and intuitive. We have noticed several players building towards a shockwave to then become discouraged and give up when construction restrictions forced a leap too large and risky. This change should facilitate access to the shock wave.

Players flying in the Shock Wave will destroy the objects created by the players they come into contact with. The Shockwaves are now deactivated after the storm phase 5. We have seen several cases where the presence of Shockwaves created problems in the final circles, in particular dragging the players unexpectedly into the Storm. The mobility offered by shock waves is limited in these cases, so we preferred to deactivate them.

Tactical assault rifle

Long live the tactic! This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option at close range. Available in rare, epic and legendary variants. Available in the spoils on the ground, in the chests, in supplies deliveries and in vending machines. 30 round magazine Inflicts 22/23/24 damage Head multiplier: 1.75x.