Fortnite: It Is a Drop in Spectators for the Official Channel, Influencers Are Rising

Fortnite: It Is a Drop in Spectators for the Official Channel, Influencers Are Rising

Nearly 5,000 fewer spectators in the media for the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, a figure that is surprising for the Epic Games title that for the past year has been winning the first pages of the main export sites.

The official channel in the last competition weekend suffered a drop from 24,000 units in the first week, about a month ago, to 19,000 a few days ago for the duo team. Similar discourse for the hours followed by the spectators decreased from 608,000 to 385,000.

sudden decline , especially given the recent numbers of the previous round of qualifications for individual players: however, the presence of the popular streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney, who secured a place at the next world cup in July and dragged the channel of Fortnite 614,000 hours followed and 23,000 contemporary spectators on average over the weekend.

A first cause could be attributed to the first results obtained in online qualifications. The places for the World Cup have so far been mostly minor streamers who have contributed, counterintuitively, to increasing the spectator base of Fornite’s most important streamer.

The organization has in fact allowed all players to be able to broadcast their qualifying matches, making it more interesting for the average spectator to follow the attempts of players like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Nick ” NickMercs ” Kolcheff on their respective streaming channels rather than generic qualifications on the official Fortnite channel.

On the last weekend, the Tenney mentioned above was the driver of the qualifiers with 91,000 contemporary spectators both Saturday and Sunday on their own channel, with an average of 44,000 during the week.

In second place Ninja with 61,000 on a weekly average of 36,000. Kolcheff was probably the player-streamer who gained more visibility from the possibility of broadcasting his games: in the period Monday-Friday prior to qualifying his average audience was around 14,000, up to 21,000 in the qualifying weekend with an increase 50% percentage.

Before the World Cup, there will still be another 10 race weekends: five for the “solo” and five for the “duo”. It is clear that the key to Fortnite’s success continues to be the mix of export and influencers, the only ones capable of involving spectators and fans on a title for such a long time.