Fortnite Update 9.01: The New Contents of the Creative Mode

Fortnite Update 9.01: The New Contents of the Creative Mode

As we told youFortnite update 9.01 was scheduled for today, and so it was. Epic Games has in fact just released the official update patches and the list of all the improvements made in the famous Battle Royale. Let’s look at them together in detail.

In this news, we take into consideration the news related to the Creative Mode, which is the new update introduces the new Prefabricated Inclined in Ruin, and other 7 prefabricated and 3 new galleries, all with “ruins” theme. Various types of ruined apartments have been introduced, the ruined basketball court, the clock tower – guess what? – ruined, etc.

As for weapons, the tactical assault rifle was introduced, available in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants, and which is more effective in close combat than long distances. The complete list of known patches can be viewed on the official Epic Games website.

This is practically all the new features added in this mode, is a fairly minor update. As usual, however, the Fortnite store update has arrived, which every day introduces new skins and objects, and on our site, you can find the news of the day today.