Pokemon Go: New Details on Torchic's Community Day

Pokemon Go: New Details on Torchic’s Community Day

Niantic Labs has confirmed the new Pokemon GO Community Day dedicated to Torchic, the program on May 19th from 15:00 to 18:00, Italian time. A very special date, as most of the previous Community Days, took place on Saturday, in this case on Sunday.

” Go out and run to play in the green areas of your area for the Pokémon GO Community Day! Only for a few hours a month you will meet a special wild Pokémon. If you capture it (or if you get the same Pokémon via evolution) at this juncture, the Pokémon in question will know a previously unavailable move for the specimens of the same species and you could even win some bonuses.It proves to be a proud member of the Pokémon GO community and make many new friends! Remember: the MT fast attack and the MT attack loaded will not guarantee exclusive moves during Community Day. To ensure exclusive moves, you will need to capture the special Pokémon or get it through an evolution during the hours scheduled for the Community Day. “

During the Community Day, players will receive three-hour baits and 3x Star Dust as a bonus for the capture, at the moment the Exclusive Move has not yet been revealed. Finally, remember that until Friday, May 17, the Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu event is active with exclusive rewards, including a hat dedicated to the most famous Pokemon ever.

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