Rage 2: The Bethesda Shop Version Does Not Include Denuvo

Rage 2: The Bethesda Shop Version Does Not Include Denuvo

The bizarre move by Bethesda, or a resounding error by the software house? Rage 2, the new chapter of the Avalanche and ID Software open world, has been available since yesterday both on Steam and on several other digital platforms, including, of course, the official Bethesda store.

In this latest version, however, the game does not include the much-criticized Denuvoprotection system, which on the one hand is used to combat piracy, on the other hand, it is very annoying to users, as it worsens the performance of video games that use.

For the moment the situation is not clear: it seems rather obvious that it was a distraction by someone in Bethesda, and it is not known yet how many players have downloaded the version without Denuvo, and the software house has not yet released statements.

In any case, presumably in the next days some videos could arrive that compare the performances of the version with Denuvo compared to the one without, which is then one of the few reasons of real interest of the question, given that we reiterate as always that the editorial staff of Playcrazygame.com all strongly condemn piracy in all its forms.

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