The Division 2: No Matchmaking for the 8 Player Raid

The Division 2: No Matchmaking for the 8 Player Raid

There are only a few hours left until the arrival of the new Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 update, which will introduce the highly anticipated eight-player raid. However, it seems that this particular endgame activity does not allow access to matchmaking, unlike what was stated by the developers some time ago.

In fact, according to the recent tweet by Alexandre Guenounou, this specific activity will not allow you to automatically find other users to play with and you will, therefore, be obliged to search for other agents yourself via your friends, lobby and clan list. This statement did not go down to many fans of The Division 2, who are publishing on social media the promotional images of the Ubisoft title where it is explicitly written that any activity present in the game would have allowed finding players with whom to face it through matchmaking.

It is, therefore, a really unusual choice on the part of the developers, who, unlike what was seen in Destiny, have always allowed their users to freely choose how to deal with game missions, regardless of their difficulty. It remains now to understand if the intolerance on the part of the community will provoke a reaction from the developers, who could run for cover before the debut of Dark Hours, scheduled for tomorrow. Meanwhile, on Twitter, a new message appeared in which Guenounou promises the arrival of clarifications from the development team, which at this point should arrive during the next few hours.

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