World of Warcraft Classic: 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Announced


Blizzard will celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of WOW with World of Warcraft Classic, available from August 27th in the Standard edition and in the special 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, now available for preorder on the Blizzard website and at major retailers.

To further celebrate this milestone, Blizzard also presented the 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft today, which is scheduled for release on October 8th. This cornucopia of collectible items and game bonuses includes 30 days of play time for World of Warcraft, an imposing statue of Ragnaros the Lord of Fire over 25 centimeters high, an Onyxia brooch, Mother of the Brood of the Black Dragons flock , a mouse pad with the map of Azeroth, a series of prints illustrating the past of Azeroth and a pair of mounts (Ghermilampo d’Alabastro and Alatuono d’Alabastro) to celebrate the moment when WoW players took the flight for the first time. World of Warcraft’s 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition will be available for purchase at 99, 99 $. Players can pre-purchase it today on and at selected retailers around the world.

The launch of World of Warcraft Classic will be preceded by a Closed Beta that is active today only for some selected players, who will be able to participate in the test phase and provide their feedback before the game is launched.