Apex Legends: A Developer Responds to Criticism and Anticipates New Content

Apex Legends: A Developer Responds to Criticism and Anticipates New Content

Apex Legends has had quite a fluctuating popularity: after reaching incredible numbers in very little time after the release, the game is now experiencing a period of flat calm, where many players have started to abandon it to devote themselves to something else.

The main criticism of the game is the lack of updates, which competitors like Fortniteinstead manage to produce with an impressive frequency. The situation has been so criticized as to become a sort of meme, so much so that even the KFC fast-food chain that recently opened an official account dedicated to gaming, KFC Gaming has made fun of on Twitter Apex Legends .

In the last few hours, however, the response came from one of the developers of Apex Legends, Rayme Vinson, who anticipated the arrival of “tons of content” coming for the video game in the coming months, but which simply require processing times. of some importance.

“Dear brand,” reads the reply, “we have tons of stuff coming, but it takes some time. We can’t super-fry, or grill at the speed of light, or whatever you do to prepare your tasty chicken. Our gameplay is done by hand, using old-fashioned techniques. Eat some chicken, we’ll meet again soon. “

There is something that is boiling in the pot for Apex Legends, to remain in culinary metaphors, there is simply to wait for a little. Meanwhile, the second season of Apex Legends will be presented at E3 2019: what do you expect from the reveal?