Fortnite Season 9: The New Challenges of Week 2 Begin Today!

Fortnite Season 9: The New Challenges of Week 2 Begin Today!

Anticipated by a weekend leak, Fortnite ‘s Week 2 Challenges of Season 9 will officially kick off today, Thursday, May 16th, except for any sudden changes by Epic Games.

As usual, the developers propose seven different challenges, three free for all four reserved for holders of the Battle Pass of Season 9. To these challenges is added the search for Fortbyte, a challenge that is keeping players busy for a long time from the beginning of the season.

Free Fortnite Challenges

  • Cast off 5 Shock Waves in various matches (5 Stars)
  • Eliminate 3 enemies at Unleashed Steps or Confused Leads (10 Stars)
  • Phases Challenge: lands to Snob Beaches, Deadly Lands, Unleashed Steps, Sprofondo Stantio and Borgallegro (5 Stars)

Fortnite Pass of the Battle Challenges

  • Visit a giant phone, a large piano and a trophy and form of dancing fish (5 Stars)
  • Find 3 chests in different locations named in a single match (10 Stars)
  • Inflict at least 500 damage with guns (5 Stars)
  • Phases Challenge: eliminates an enemy from at least 50 meters (3 Stars), eliminates an enemy from at least 75 meters (3 Stars), eliminates an opponent from at least 100 meters (3 Stars)

It is possible that Epic Games will be able to kick off the Wicky’s Bounty Challenges linked to the skin of John Wick, a character played by Keanu Reeves in the film series of the same day. We look forward to any announcements about this, John Wick’s costume has now been leaked by dataminer and may be missing very little to the official reveal.