Rage 2 Is Already on Sale at a Discounted Price in North America

Rage 2 Is Already on Sale at a Discounted Price in North America

Only two days after the day one of Rage 2, the game of Avalanche Studios and ID Software is already sold at a discounted price on Walmart. The game received good, if not enthusiastic, reviews. And forced the retailer to apply the discount.

Many have in fact praised the gunplay of the title, criticizing however the world and the storytelling, which probably convinced the undecided not to buy the title, which now by virtue of the discount could be more palatable.

In fact, Walmart sells Rage 2 for 10 dollars less than the list price, for a 17% discount applied on all versions. It is not a certainty of course, but this device would suggest that the initial sales of the stock were lower than the expectations of Bethesda, the publisher of the game, so it is not excluded that similar measures are also implemented by other sellers.

As we said, among the major advantages of Rage 2, according to the users, are the shooting sessions that are particularly successful, so much so that the game has been compared to DOOM, one of the most appreciated titles of this generation. Evidently, for many, it was not enough reason to give Rage 2 a chance.