Super Mario Maker 2: The New Direct Presents the News and the Potential of the Editor!

Super Mario Maker 2: The New Direct Presents the News and the Potential of the Editor!

During the February Nintendo Direct, the Kyoto company announced Super Mario Maker 2, coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch, here is all the news!

The game was the protagonist of a fully dedicated Nintendo Direct this night, which showed the new potential connected with this new episode of the series! In continuity with the first chapter, Super Mario Maker 2 will allow players to create their own Super Mario dream levels and to play those created by users from all over the world. During the Direct all the potentialities related to the new editor were presented. Numerous innovations have been introduced, including the possibility of inserting descents, hidden or stacked enemies on each other, tilting platforms and much more! It will also be possible to set the water level in each level, while different special themes will be available to give a “mood” to your creation: are you ready to give vent to your imagination? 

During Nintendo Direct it was also confirmed that Super Mario Maker 2 will have a story mode and that players will be able to exploit the potential of Joycons to create levels in the company. The game will debut exclusively on Nintendo Switch on June 28th.

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