Valve Has Registered the Dota Underlords Brand: New Game Coming?

Valve Has Registered the Dota Underlords Brand: New Game Coming?

News coming to the Valve house, which could prove interesting in the future for gamers: the company has in fact registered the copyright for Dota Underlords. It is presumably a new game, but there is not much other information about it, except for this assumption.

The application was made earlier this month and would include Dota Underlords in the categories Computer software, Electronic game software, and Video Game Software, so there is little doubt that it is a new video game.

With the rather erratic reviews received from Artifact and Valve’s decision to pause the card game spin-off, is both a surprise and a relief see them at work on a new title, even if the possibility that it is something related to Artifact is not entirely excluded. Jeep Barnett had said that the development team would have preferred to work with their heads down to improve the game, rather than releasing updates so Underlords could be a sort of Artifact 2.0.

So what could it be? Many prefer to think of a new Diablo-style dungeon crawler, rather than something related to the not-so-popular Artifact, but waiting for more information we can only remain in the hypothesis field. What do you hope for this Dota Underlords?