A Plague Tale Innocence: Guide, Strategies and Useful Tips to Get Started

A Plague Tale Innocence: Guide, Strategies and Useful Tips to Get Started

At Plague Tale, the action adventure developed by Asobo Studio has only arrived a few days and is enjoying some success among fans of the genre.

If you are one of the players willing to take on the role of the brothers Amicia and Hugo to escape the horrors of a terrible war and the plague, we can only advise you to take a look at our tips, thanks to which you can start the adventure in the background medieval on the right foot.

Think carefully before attacking

In the course of the game, the two protagonists will not simply have to pay attention to the dangerously infected mice, but will also find themselves facing the most aggressive soldiers who will hinder you in more than one occasion. Unlike what we are used to seeing in action titles, in A Plague Tale: Innocence Amicia and Hugo will not be able to face the enemy head-on and to get the better will need to sharpen the wits. In this regard, we suggest you avoid eliminating guards unless such action is strictly necessary. If one or more soldiers come between you and your target or an area full of useful objects, you can always consider the possibility of distracting them with a stone and sneaking in behind them. Obviously, when the enemy is alone you can decide to silently eliminate it, while if the soldiers are two and do not wear a helmet you can use this weakness to give them the coup de grace with the sling. Clearing the area is always very useful, as it gives you the opportunity to explore the surroundings without any fear that the enemy might notice your presence.

Upgrade the slingshot

The only real weapon available to the Amicia and Hugo brothers for the entire duration of the adventure is a lethal slingshot. At certain points in the story, you will get some upgrades as alternative bullet types, but the main upgrades will have to be manufactured manually. The only place where you can unlock upgrades is the work table, a location that you will meet for the first time during the second chapter of the game. At that juncture, a woman will provide you with the materials needed to build the first upgrade and will allow you to use the work table in your home.
Among the various upgrades offered by the game, we find the possibility of speeding up shots, reducing recharge times and improving shooting accuracy. To maximize weapon efficiency, we also recommend that you expand the inventory slots so you can carry more bullets and crafting materials. You will be able to apply a maximum of three upgrades to the ammunition bag and three upgrades to the pocket dedicated to materials for manufacturing.

There is also a third object that can be upgraded at the work tables, ie the equipment. As with the ammunition pouch and pocket, there are exactly three upgrades for this piece of equipment. The first consists in the possibility of reducing the noise generated by running and dodging the protagonists, the second will allow Amicia to apply the improvements to the equipment even when there is no laboratory available and the last, no less important, will allow the young woman to manufacture upgrades without using tools. Under no circumstances can you choose which of the three upgrades to activate first and you will have to manufacture them in order.

Collect all useful resources

Getting all the upgrades available for bags and slingshot is not a child’s play and, to do this, you will have to gather a lot of resources around the map. Some materials will be quite common and you won’t have to work hard to find lots of them, while those like Working Tools are rarer and require a very careful exploration of the various areas. It will not be enough to throw an eye on tables and chests to access all collectible items and you will have to solve the various puzzles hidden around by developers to find everything. You could, for example, have to light a torch to intimidate a group of rats and free up an otherwise inaccessible area or distract guards and sneak through the door they are watching carefully. In short, you will have to work a little to reach the maximum potential.

Make sure you have saved

In A Plague Tale Innocence, there is no possibility to manually save the progress made during the game and therefore you will have to pay close attention. Such a game could put you in front of more or less arduous challenges and it is never pleasant to interrupt the game and then discover later that you have not reached the checkpoint and, consequently, that you have not saved. To avoid unpleasant situations, we advise you to keep an eye on the corner of the screen. The game automatically saves and, during the same phase, you can clearly see an icon depicting a diamond. The icon disappeared means that the progress has been saved and you can safely close the game or turn off your console without the fear of having to repeat the last section.

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