Capcom Already Has the Graphics Engine for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Ready

Capcom Already Has the Graphics Engine for ps5 and Xbox Scarlett Ready

The next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony is increasingly looming, and Capcom makes it known that it is already prepared for it. One of the problems that can happen most when switching between genes is related to the game engine and the tools used to develop the games.

The company, however, should have acted early, and the RE Engine, the proprietary Capcom engine used for Resident Evil, was specifically designed to be used on the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles.

“The games we developed with the RE Engine during this generation have received positive reviews, and since the dawn of the construction of this engine, we have given it the chance to be updated for the development of next-gen games. This is why we see the RE Engine as one of our strengths, which will contribute to the creation of our future games”, Capcom’s top management said.

Another company that has recently created a new game engine, with which, moreover, Capcom is planning several collaborations, is precisely Microsoft: the Halo development team has in fact created the ambitious Slipspace engine, spending about 500 million dollars.

The next-gen, in short, also thanks to the foresight of some producers, is getting more and more alive.