Destiny 2: It Is Controversy for the Whistle of the Whisper of the Worm and Ace of Spades

Destiny 2: It Is Controversy for the Whistle of the Whisper of the Worm and Ace of Spades

As with every new season of Destiny 2, Bungie has released a series of changes that will come in the game in view of the arrival of the next expansion and the beginning of the Wealth season.

One of the main changes concerns the heavy changes to two of the most popular exotic weapons for players: Whisper of the Worm and Ace of Spades. Among the other weapons involved in the general nerf we also find the Sleeping Simulator fusion rifle and the shotgun Lord of the Wolves. The developers have motivated this choice in the last weekly of Casa Bungie with the desire to make the endgame activities that will come into the game with Penumbra as balanced as possible.

Obviously, the community has not welcomed this news and it has rained numerous criticisms on social media even by the main content creator and streamer of the first-person shooter. Among these is also Gladd, who commented on the nerf of exotic weapons:

“Brava Bungie, you did a great job ruining one of the very few exotic ones that could be called such and another one linked to a wonderful undertaking. You are throwing parts of the contents in the garbage. These nerfs will only make other pieces more important. “Equipment and nobody will be happy. Are you trying to make users run away?”

It remains to be seen if the development team will accept the criticisms or continue on its way, hoping that the players will become attached to some of the next exotic weapons.

In the meantime, we remind you that the Destiny 2 Wealth Season raid can be played from the day of the next expansion’s release and we won’t have to wait for the classic week. Have you already read our article on Destiny 2 lore in which we talk about the origin of the Nine and the Emissary?