Fortnite: John Wick’s Set Arrives in the Store, All the Skins of May 17th

Fortnite John Wick's Set Arrives in the Store, All the Skins of May 17th

The Fortnite update on Friday 17 May is entirely (or almost) centered on John Wick: the Battle Royale store is populated with skins, picks, emotes and cover dedicated to the character played by Keanu Reeves.

Specifically, the skin John Wick (Legendary, for sale at 2,000 V-Buck), the pickaxes Outburst and Simple Sledge (Non-Common and Rare, for sale respectively at 800 and 500 V-Buck), the Firewalker skin (Rare , 1,200 V-Buck), Assassin coverage (Uncommon, 300 V-Buck), Waypoint and Marino costumes (Rare, 1,200 V-Buck each), Bulletproof and Be Seeing You emotes (200 V-Buck each, Non Municipalities) and Rivetto coverage (Uncommon, 300 V-Buck).

The Wick Bounty Challenges are dedicated to this character: in this challenge series, each player starts with three lives. Each kill takes a life from the opponent and throws a gold chip in the air that can be collected for your team. The team that will collect the most gold coins will win the game. Completing all the challenges players will receive 
the Colposecco umbrella, the Man Black cover, the Golden Token decorative back, and John Wick’s killer suit as a reward.

After Fortnite x Avengers EndGame collaborations continue between the Epic Games Battle Royale and the Hollywood world: what will be the next film starring in the world of Fortnite?