GTA Online: The Week of Import / Export Arrives

GTA Online: The Week of Import / Export Arrives

In Los Santos, this week alone, those participating in Import/export sales missions will receive 25% more GTA $. In addition, guards and associates will earn a double salary.

If you are worried about the attention that this nice nest egg could attract, it’s your lucky day: all Merryweather Security phone services are available for free. Until May 22nd, get 25% more GTA $ on all illegal car transactions in Import / Export sales missions. Whether you want your criminal empire to take off or have collected numerous foreign cars in your vehicle warehouse, this is your big chance to scrape together a lot of money.

If you need to keep your Centauri facilities up and running, all stocks are discounted by 25 %. Take advantage of it to get maximum efficiency from plantations, methamphetamine labs and more. These are dangerous times to become millionaires. Maybe that’s why CEOs are offering double salaries for bodyguards and associates. Prudence is never too much. Join an organization from today until May 22nd to enjoy your big pay rise.

In addition, this week, players from Entourage and Class Fight (Remix) modes will get double rewards.

Premium races

You can participate in premium races by launching them from the ” Quick Activity ” app on your game phone or from the yellow circle to Legion Square. Pay 20,000 GTA $ and compete for first place against seven other drivers. The winner will win 100,000 GTA $, the second 30,000 GTA $ and the third 20,000 GTA $.

  • May 16: Red code (only for supercars)
  • 17-20 May: Dangerous crossroads (only for classic sports cars)
  • 21-23 May: Business trip (supercar only)

Class struggle (Remix) is characterized by the presence of two special guests: the Juggernaut and the Beast. The Beasts are unarmed, but possess superhuman strength and agility, as well as being able to become invisible. Eliminating a Juggernaut in the role of the Beast allows you to steal armor, thermal vision, and lethal ammunition. Choose between Hot Potato and Placement on the podium.

In Entourage, Bodyguards must protect and evacuate the Target before a team of Assassins eliminates it. The Assassins will have to risk everything to eliminate Target. Target and Bodyguards are better armed and armored but have fewer lives available.

The Merryweather Security is at your fingertips and is offering its services for free. Maybe you need an ammunition delivery, a team of mercenaries or a devastating bombing aerial assault. But you may also need to launch yourself into a daring escape by boat or helicopter. Nobody wants to judge you: there is nothing to be ashamed of in calling reinforcements. Just extract your iFruit, call the Merrywheater and let it know what you need.

Is there really something like having too many logos? Play GTA Online by May 22nd to get the Sixty Nine fake shirt.

CEOs interested in starting or expanding their import/export smuggling activities can take advantage of a 30% discount on all vehicle deposits, special cargo warehouses, and their respective improvements. Those intending to climb the social rankings can benefit from a 40% discount on Luxor Deluxe and Swift Deluxe luxury aircraft, but also on yachts and their respective improvements and accessories. In addition, Pegasus Lifestyle Management delivers a wide range of vehicles, from the Valkyrie helicopter to the bus festival, and their entire fleet is discounted by 30% throughout the week.