Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rated in Korea: Launch Planned for 2019?

Luigi's Mansion 3 Rated in Korea: Launch Planned for 2019?

The Korean video game classification authority has evaluated Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the past few hours, a title announced last year and then disappeared by radar, but which could actually be closer than expected …

The classification is a procedure that usually takes place close to the launch of a product, the timing between the evaluation and the actual marketing does not generally exceed a few months. Almost certainly Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be part of the Nintendo Switch lineup by the end of 2019 along with Pokemon Spada and Scudo, Daemon x Machina and Animal Crossing.

According to some retailers and insiders, the new Luigi’s Mansion will arrive in late October, just in time for Halloween, the perfect time to go back to hunting for ghosts. The official announcement could take place during the Direct E3 Nintendo scheduled for Tuesday 11 June at 18:00.