PS5: New Design Concept Fan of the Sony Next-Gen Console

PS5: New Design Concept Fan of the Sony Next-Gen Console

The French site VR4Player has released the video of a new PlayStation 5 fan concept, which shows a particularly innovative design, certainly not in line with the tradition of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but even in part recalls the lines of the first historic console Sony.

Although curious, the final design of PlayStation 5 will certainly not come close to this concept, as well as that of the new DualShock 5 controller, perhaps a look too close to the past while there are those who are willing to bet that PS5 will stand out for a minimal look and not too flashy, similar to what is proposed with the current console of the Japanese house.

When will PlayStation 5 be released? According to analysts, PS5 will be released in 2020 at a price of $499 and Sony may be able to sell 21 million pieces in the first two years of market presence. Interesting hypotheses but for now it is only analytical data, to learn more we should wait for the official presentation of the console, in April Mark Cerny revealed the technical specifications of PS5 reiterating the desire to focus on 8K, Ray-Tracing and SSD support instead of the traditional hard disk.

Sony will not participate in E3 in Los Angeles but it is not excluded that the company is planning a reveal in the coming months.