Rage 2 Tricks: How to Unlock All the Cheats in the Game

Rage 2 Tricks: How to Unlock All the Cheats in the Game

In RAGE 2 you can activate a series of cheats to get different bonuses and additional features within the game. In this mini-guide, we will explain how to unlock all the tricks contained in the new FPS of Avalanche Studios and id Software.

Users in possession of the Deluxe Edition of RAGE 2 will be able to instantly access some of these cheats (as well as having the possibility of obtaining the BFG 9000 ). To unlock all the tricks of the game, in any case, you will have to run into an eccentric NPC: the sorcerer Mangoo.

How to unlock all the RAGE 2 tricks

Activating the tricks in RAGE 2 does not work as in old games since there will be no code to be included in the game. To unlock all the cheats contained in the new FPS of Avalanche Studios and id Software, in fact, you will have to talk to the wizard Mangoo, a character that you can meet casually during your explorations. Generally, it seems to be seen mostly at the edge of the map, but its spawn points seem completely random. So to find it, all you need to do is keep your eyes open as you wander around the post-apocalyptic lands of RAGE 2.

The list of all the RAGE 2 tricks

Below we list all the currently known RAGE 2 cheats that you can acquire from Mangoo:

  • He’s on Fire : Activate this cheat to get legendary announcer Tim Kitzrow to comment on your every move.
  • Diamond Geezer : in this case, it will be Dee Dyer from Cockney who will comment on your actions.
  • Git Gud : with this cheat, all the enemies are eliminated with a single shot.
  • Son of Thor : use it to electrocute your opponents.
  • Klegg Support : you can get Klegg’s support in the game.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat : when you press the eject button, the vehicle will be thrown into the sky for you.
  • Progress Booster : doubles the units of Feltrite collected for four hours.
  • Super Phoenix : upgrade the Phoenix 4×4.
  • Super Overdrive : increase the power of your Overdrive.
  • Super Wingstick : your wingstick will have unlimited redirects.
  • Red Barrel Rain : this cheat drops a bunch of red barrels in front of you.

Important note : while the cheats are activated, you will not be able to unlock achievements and trophies . Always keep this in mind when you decide to use them.