Rainbow Six Siege: Clash Removed From Operator Selection, Critical Exploit

Rainbow Six Siege: Clash Removed From Operator Selection, Critical Exploit

Ubisoft is taking the necessary steps to resolve the problems that have arisen in Rainbow Six Siege. In particular, there was a fairly heavy problem that even makes the Clash defense operator almost unbeatable.

Basically, the exploit allowed players who used the British operator to shoot with the weapon while keeping the shield still deployed.

Ubisoft, in addition to dealing with Clash, must also solve the IQ problem, which sometimes becomes “invisible”. Other exploits and bugs will be treated similarly to the choice made for Clash, at least until Ubisoft finds a solution to the problems.

The claymore mines, for example, suffer from a bug that leads to killing the players through walls. Ubisoft, waiting for the resolution, will remove the secondary kits by putting the calculation of ammunition to zero.

Ubisoft, as usual, proved to be reactive and proactive in resolving the problems that had occurred. We remind you that the “bug hunter” program is active and allows you to report to the team any problems you may encounter during your sessions.

Now we just have to wait and understand how long the restructuring work will last. Some sources speak of an update coming soon after the Milanese Pro League finals this weekend.

Finally, we remind you that all versions of the title are heavily discounted on Uplay, should you ever feel like starting. Of course, you won’t be able to use Clash for a while, but the pool of operators is so large that it won’t be a problem.