Warren Spector: “Disney Should Go Back to Developing Video Games”

Warren Spector:

Especially if you’ve been playing video games for so long, it’s likely that during your “video career” you came across some Disney games. You will have noticed, however, that for some time now, the entertainment giant is as if it had almost abandoned the world of video games.

One of the most beautiful and special of the last few years was certainly Epic Mickey, who despite the flop of his second chapter Epic Mickey 2 (which also cost the closure of the Junction Point Studios ) is still remembered as an excellent video game. The director of the first title, however, is a certain Warren Spector, one of the most important names in the videogame industry.

The same Spector spoke in a recent interview, of the relationship between Disney and video games, taking up a statement by Bob Iger of last February that the colossus would have no intention of returning to this area now that the Star Wars license has been entrusted to EA.

For Spector Disney, on the other hand, he should be much more involved in this industry, given the huge catalog of IPs he has available: “Absolutely, with the properties they control, I believe that being a licensing organization alone is a real pity.”

The same interview also touched on the theme of Disney Infinity, closed because, according to Spector “There were people at Disney Interactive who didn’t like video games, and who didn’t understand video games. I think it was a big part of the problem”.

What do you think of his words? Would you support Disney’s return to the gaming industry?