What Does the Super Famicom Logo Mean in Super Mario Maker 2?

If you followed (obviously on our pages!) The Nintendo Direct related to Super Mario Maker 2 , you probably noticed a small detail. At one point in the movie, Mario jumps into a car and briefly appears on the Super Famicom logo.

Super Famicom is, as you will know, the Japanese name of Super Nintendo, which has obviously given away some speculation: what does the SNES logo placed there mean? Is it a sign from Nintendo that you anticipate the SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online?

The problem is that by watching the movie, you understand how it looks rather randomly: the machine in question has no connection whatsoever with the Super Famicom itself, and could simply be one of the various surreal moments of the game. The video also alludes quite clearly to the possibility of linking an effect to a specific enemy or element, so it could easily be a feature of the genre.

In short, it is certainly tantalizing to see a sort of hidden message, but more likely it is simply one of the many ingredients thrown into the giant cauldron of Super Mario Maker 2, which will eventually give more flavor to the final product.