Xbox One S: A New Fortnite Bundle Is Coming!

Xbox One S: A New Fortnite Bundle Is Coming!

As reported by Guille-GAG Fortnite Leaks & News, soon Epic Games and Microsoft will launch a new Fortnite-themed Xbox One S bundle, although at the moment, unfortunately, there are not too many details about it.

The leaked promotion image seems to be closely linked to the Vertex Viola package and will contain a skin, pickaxe, hang glider and presumably also a certain amount of V-Buck, as well as of course the console (with 1 Terabyte hard disk) and the subscriptions of try Xbox LIVE Gold and Game Pass.

It is not clear when this bundle will be available in stores and if the Vertex package will also be available individually or will remain exclusive to the Microsoft console, this is currently the most likely option, considering also what happened in the past with other Fortnite bundles and skin packages.

We look forward to knowing more, it is not excluded that it may be a fake created by art or not updated promotional material.