343 Industries on Halo MCC: Tests on PC Hardly Expected Before E3 2019

343 Industries on Halo MCC: Tests on PC Hardly Expected Before e3 2019

The announcement of the landing of the Halo The Master Chief Collection on PC had sparked the joy of a huge number of gamers, eager to finally have access to the famous saga.

Following the formalization of the news, the team of 343 Industries had anticipated that during the month of April 2019 the first PC tests would start, aimed at guaranteeing the creation of the best possible experience for the active gamers on the platform. Unfortunately, the launch of the latter was subsequently the subject of an indefinite postponement, officially announced by 343 Industries at the end of the month, on April 30th. Now new information is arriving on the matter, which, unfortunately, seems to be further expanding the timing. 

To share updates on the PC version of Halo The Master Chief Collection is Brian Jarrad, community manager at the software house. As you can see at the bottom of this news, the latter has in fact published a post on the well-known Reddit platform , in which it states that, although the team has made ” numerous advances in different areas “, it does not seem probable at the present time that the tests can start in a period prior to E3 2019 . 
In another post, Jarrad highlighted how, unfortunately, some areas of development took longer than originally planned. 

The fans of Master Chief active on the PC will, therefore, have to be patient and wait for further news regarding a new Halo Collection test window.