Asobi Tells Astro Bot Rescue Mission: A Journey From a Post-It to the Final Game

Asobi Tells Astro Bot Rescue Mission: A Journey From a Post-It to the Final Game

At the time of its publication, Astro Bot positively impressed critics and audiences, coming to win the title of a best virtual reality game, on the occasion of the awarding of The Game Awards 2018.

Several months after its debut, the Asobi Studio team decided to share some background on the production process that led to the creation of the game. To offer interesting details on this is Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director, and Producer at the software house. On the pages of the Playstation Blog, the latter has in fact told how every Asobi production starts from a “simple” post-it. The team, since its foundation in 2012, has in fact the habit of dedicating specific moments to the sharing of new ideas. After choosing a central theme, the team covers the office walls with colorful post-it notes, which show a particular concept in a sketch.

It was from one of these leaflets that the basic idea emerged that would later become the boss of the world 1 of Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Enriched by a designer, the first prototype was transformed into a storyboard with gameplay details. The latter is then taken over by a single program, who in a period between a few days and a few weeks, will produce the first prototype of gameplay. Finally, we move on to the production phase, during which around six different professionals work together to refine the idea. In the images at the bottom of this news, you can retrace the path that led to the creation of the gorilla boss in the world 1: Amazed?

If the background of the videludic development fascinates you, we point out that recently Santa Monica published the documentary God of War Raising Kratos, in which the creation of God of War for Playstation 4 is narrated.