Collectable Days Gone: Where to Find All the Nero Documents

Collectable Days Gone: Where to Find All the Nero Documents

After having explained to you where to find the IPCA technology to unlock the secret weapon, in this mini-guide of Days Gone we will show you the positions of all the documents of the NERO organization present in the post-apocalyptic game world created by Sony Bend Studio.

The BLACK is an important organization in this world of Days Gone, whose real purposes can appear quite dark. Inside the map, it is possible to collect 52 NERO collectible documents, where various interesting information on the past and present of the organization itself is reported.

Where to find the 52 NERO documents in Days Gone

The documents of the BLACK are scattered around the world of Days Gone game. If you need help tracking them all, you can watch the video at the top, where the exact locations of all 52 documents are shown. We advise you to view it all and to note down the locations in which to find the documents, so that you can collect them gradually during your explorations, between one mission and another.

We remind you that by collecting all the documents you can unlock the related trophies linked to the game’s collectibles (in this regard, did you know that getting Days Platinum Platinum you can receive a dedicated theme and avatar as a reward?).

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