Crackdown 3 Multiplayer: Wrecking Zone Has Become a Ghost Town?

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer: Wrecking Zone Has Become a Ghost Town?

Despite the presence of Crackdown 3 in the Game Pass and the possibility of enjoying the title “for free” through subscription to the service on Xbox One, the Sumo Digital sci-fi action seems to have entered a stalemate due to the lack of a number of users playing it in multiplayer.

The collapse in popularity of Crackdown 3 (also sanctioned by an important price cut ) has in fact contributed to making it extremely difficult to find online games from those who, regardless of the criticisms leveled by the sector press and a large part of the community of open-world shooter fans, want to face the challenges offered by the Wrecking Zone mode.

The situation that has arisen prompted Kotaku’s colleagues to define the multiplayer section of Crackdown 3 as a real “ghost town” : intrigued by the growing number of complaints from the ResetEra and Reddit forums, the author of the famous videogame portal he reports that he tried to participate in a Demolition Zone game and failed to do so even after waiting for two hours in front of the multiplayer lobby search screen with a suitable number of users to launch the game. In the original plans of the British developers, Wrecking Zone should have represented the spearhead of the game’s title offer based on the use (then heavily undersized ) of the cloud computing for physics management.

The launch of Crackdown 3 took place only three months ago and the authors of Sumo Digital have tried from the days before the release of the title to attract fans of the genre allows them to download the client of the only Wrecking Zone mode. And you, what do you think of the online Crackdown 3 module? Are you experiencing the same problems in accessing the multiplayer challenges of the title or have you decided to abandon it?