Dying Light 2: You Will Have to Play It Several Times to Discover All It Has to Offer

Dying Light 2: You Will Have to Play It Several Times to Discover All It Has to Offer

Dying Light 2 is an even more ambitious project than the first chapter, and the Techland kids don’t miss an opportunity to repeat it. The game world will react dynamically to the choices of the players, just like the story, which boasts Chris Avellone and the writers of The Witcher 3 Baron’s quest.

Since the decisions will influence the course of the experience, many of the content created by the developers will not be appreciable in a single playthrough, as reported by producer Kornel Jaskula in a recent interview with GamesRadar. “It is as if we were creating enough content to create more than one game,” he explained. “We are developing it knowing that players will lose some of the content, but that’s ok with us” .

The goal of the Techland kids is to entice players to restart the adventure and make different choices, even better if in co-op with friends: “Thanks to the great variety of stories, missions, contents, and assets, we believe that the players they will want to play the title again or in a cooperative to appreciate the other versions of the world. It is something we have established since the beginning of development, it is one of the design goals we have set for ourselves”.

What do you think? Would you like this approach? The first Dying Light, despite not providing a dynamic world and alternative routes, several years after its debut continues to be actively played by a large number of players. The second chapter, therefore, seems to have all the credentials to repeat the predecessor’s success. Much care has also been placed in the enemies: apparently, the zombies will have multiple evolutionary phases. Unfortunately, the release date is not yet known, but we know for sure that Dying Light 2 will be at E3 2019.