Even Borderlands 3 Was Removed From the Epic Games Store During the Sales

Even Borderlands 3 Was Removed From the Epic Games Store During the Sales

The Epic Game Sale is making happy many PC gamers thanks to very advantageous prices: in addition to the normal sales, Epic is in fact offering – from his own pocket – also an additional discount of 10 euros on all products with a price higher than 14.99 euros, including those in pre-order.

The devaluation of games developing and still far from the publication – in some countries the deduction of up to 70% – is not however been frowned upon by Paradox Interactive, which decided to stop bookings of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. The same decision was taken by Klei Entertainment with Oxygen Not Included, proposed however in Early Access. Among the reasons, there is also the impossibility of other stores to adapt to such advantageous prices: the two titles mentioned above, in fact, can also be purchased elsewhere.

Apparently, another major publisher has followed in the footsteps of Paradox and Klei: we’re talking about 2K and Gearbox, which removed Borderlands 3 from the sale. This decision, in some ways, amazes even more, for the simple reason that the loot shooter will debut only on Epic Games Store, on which it will remain exclusive for at least 6 months. The American company has not yet expressed itself on the incident, therefore the reasons behind this choice are not known. Probably, even at 2K and Gearbox the devaluation of a still-developing stock has not gone down, even if in reality its earnings are not in any way affected.

Meanwhile, other booking games like Control, Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and The Sinking City continue to be regularly available with an inviting € 10 discount offered by Epic Games.