Minecraft Dungeons: New Details on the Game System and Rpg Progression

Minecraft Dungeons: New Details on the Game System and Rpg Progression

After announcing Minecraft Earth and confirming the absence of Loot Box in the mobile augmented reality game, the boys of Mojang unveil more details on Minecraft Dungeons, the ambitious realistic PC action set in the squared dimension of the kolossal sandbox designed by Markus Notch Persson.

Discussing the potential of the project with the editors of Game Informer, the executive producer David Nisshagen has opened a window on the fantasy universe of Dungeons to offer us insights into the dynamics of gameplay and the progression of the adventure: “Think of a sword that falls, picks it up and discovers that it has two power-up slots for spells. Choose which one to use and continue the adventure, but then find another sword, looks the same as the previous one but completely different and randomized spells. [.. .] The game is like this, you will find lots of equipment and even the most similar objects will have different properties between them”.

According to Nisshagen, players will be able to acquire weapons and equipment using Emeralds obtained by knocking down enemies, some of these objects will have defensive abilities for the whole team. As for the structure of the levels and their diversity, the executive producer of Dungeons explains that “there are some levels or biomes that are on the surface and that are more open” . Although the creation of the levels will take place through a procedural engine, those who want to re-face the challenges of a map either alone or in the company of their friends in multiplayer will have the opportunity to do so through access to a sort of Hub.

At this point, we just have to wait for the official launch date of Minecraft Dungeons, scheduled as an indication for the end of 2019 on PC and, why not, on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.