New Days Gone Patch: Here Is the Latest Update From 1.08

New Days Gone Patch: Here Is the Latest Update From 1.08

More than two weeks after the release of the latest 1.07 patch, the authors of Sony Bend return to update Days Gone to bring their popular post-apocalyptic action for PlayStation 4 to version 1.08 and make a whole series of improvements and of optimizations to the game code.

The patch 1.08 of Days Gone, weighing a few tens of MB, corrects many of the bugs reported in these days by the biker Deacon St. John’s emulators , above all what the players saw unable to pause the title, make the trip fast and even save the game after starting the video of the “I Have Had a Better Days” mission (which we report in its original version in English to avoid unintentional spoilers).

The notes of the patch made by Sony Bend also report the closure of a serious game flaw linked to the failure to complete the “Afraid of a Little Competition” mission? (also here, as above), the erroneous management of bailouts progressing in the “Searching For Lisa” mission and overcoming minor problems with audio.

The interventions made by the American authors will help lay the foundations for the updates planned over the coming months together with the post-launch contents of Days Gone, starting with the free update in June with Weekly Challenges and Survival Mode.