New Video Follia Dear Father: The Italian Horror Movie Is Released in the Fall on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The vertices of Destructive Creations and the Italian developers of Real Game Machine show us a new gameplay trailer for Follia Dear Father and set for the fall of their ambitious subjective survival horror on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Presented in 2015 to users of Steam Greenlight, Follia Dear Father’s horror project places the player in the awkward role of Marcus Pitt, a boy “different from the others” who will be forced to live a nightmare with open eyes exploring the halls and rooms of the university campus where both his parents work.

In a way not too dissimilar from the horror experiences in first person tinged with stealth elements, the title will lead us to investigate the mysteries that hover between the four walls of the university complex to look for the relatives of our intrepid alter-ego before the latter lose definitively the light of reason by the fault of the entities that seem to popularize the structure.

Under the profile of the fast-paced gameplay, the dark-colored adventure packaged by the authors of this rampant development company based in Naples will offer three levels of difficulty , a freely explorable game world characterized by many collectible items and useful tools to progress in plot, a “bestiary” with enemies of unpredictable artificial intelligence and a soundtrack capable of accentuating the pathos of history.

The title will also boast full support for PlayStation VR on PS4 and the HTC Vive viewer on PC. So take a look at Follia’s new video: Dear Father and tell us what you think of this project.