Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: Fnatic Wins the First Quarter of Final

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: Fnatic Wins the First Quarter of Final

At the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan, the Pro League Finals are official games that will crown the best players of 2019 of Rainbow Six Siege, the now famous tactical shooter of Ubisoft that has recently reached and exceeded a billion euros in overall takings and 45 millions of players.

As planned, the first quarter of the Pro League Finale saw the champions of the Fnatic and NORA-Rengo teams, two of the most important and recognized realities of the entire eSport scene on the planet.

After a battle fought with no holds barred by the digital operators of the Australian roster representing the APAC region and the Asian eSport collective, the Fnatic team prevailed over NORA-Rengo with a result of 2 to 0.

Despite the apparent supremacy of Fnatic represented by this important gap in the final score, the fight between the two groups eSports of R6S was incredibly tight thanks to the efforts made by Yoshifumi “Yoshinngo” Yukimori and Yuta “ReyCyil” Inoue of NORA to answer blow by blow to Fnatic’s assaults. The winner of the eSport collective of the APAC region was Jake “Virtue” Grannan: the newcomer showed he was up to his most experienced teammates through perfect coordination with the other Operators and an impeccable management of the acquired advantage in the different phases of the battle.

The other quarterfinals that will take place today, May 18th, will determine the grid of the semi-finals and the Finals of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League to be held tomorrow, May 19th.