Sega Wants to Bring More Online Games to the West and More MMORPGs to Japan

Sega Wants to Bring More Online Games to the West and More Mmorpgs to Japan

SEGA has published the financial report for the fiscal year 2019-2020, and among the information disseminated in the document, we can extrapolate some clues about what we can expect from the Japanese company over the next few months.

First of all, SEGA has confirmed that it has increased research and development costs for the next fiscal year with the intention of publishing a greater number of console games (also in retail versions).

“Our British studio called The Creative Assembly had only 50 members at the time of the acquisition (March 2015), but it has since grown to become one of England’s most expanded development houses, as it is essential to get results in In this field, we have increased investments in both existing IPs and new projects “ .

In the West, in particular, it intends to bet with decision on games with online content (as can be considered Total War: Three Kingdoms), while on the Japanese market will be specifically launched new MMORPGs (Phantasy Star Online 2, currently the most important representative of generally for SEGA, dates back to 2012).

As stated in recent days, the company will continue to take into great consideration the already existing IPs (primarily Yakuza, of which a new chapter will arrive by March 2020) and from now on prefer a multi-platform publication of its products.