The Blood & Truth Developers Are Looking Forward to Working With PS5

The Blood & Truth Developers Are Looking Forward to Working With PS5

In a few days, the London Studio guys will release Blood & Truth, a promising PlayStation VR title inspired by Hollywood action, so they are keen to give statements to major international newspapers.

Speaking with GameSpot, the senior principal designer Simon Hermitage declared himself proud to be part of the Sony family and was able to talk about the study’s commitment to developing PlayStation VR products, as well as the future PlayStation 5. “We have created a niche for ourselves in which we are innovators. We take new hardware and do everything we can to prove that it can work. As a first-party study, our job is to grow the PS VR market. consistently, and it is very important to invest in titles like Blood & Truth, so people can exclaim: Wow, this is VR! “. Blood & Truth received a true triple-A treatment. “It’s what VR needed: a complete, fantastic blockbuster game. 

After that, Hermitage started talking about the future and PlayStation 5: “I’m really excited, everyone is excited, I read Mark Cerny’s interview with Wired, and learned the potential of that hardware. I’m looking forward to putting my hands on it. We will continue to do what we have always done: to go as far as possible”.

Blood & Truth, we remember, will be released on May 29th exclusively for PlayStation VR.