Final Fantasy 7 Remake Divided Into Two Parts, Demo PSN Made Available Shortly After E3 2019?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Divided Into Two Parts, Demo PSN Made Available Shortly After E3 2019?

Recently, Square Enix has returned to show the expected game, by publishing a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, transmitted during the last State of Play.

The presentation of the movie started the spread of different rumors related to the game, some of which would like a playable demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake already in circulation. But it does not end here: on Reddit, a very mysterious post has recently appeared. As reported by Gearnuke, a user of the platform would have published a large number of rumors about the game. Only a few hours later, however, the latter would have canceled its Reddit account. Meanwhile, as often happens, other users had nevertheless retained the content, of which we report some of the main steps.

Among the sources cited by this “mysterious user” would be a site of Square Enix at El Segundo (California), dedicated to localization activities. Among the alleged leaks shared in the message, we find information according to which Final Fantasy 7 Remake would consist of two parts, with the first of these ending with a narrative climax that is extremely well known to the fans of the saga. The evocations would not fight on the field, but would act within cut-scenes, and would include a new entry in the form of a wolf. The game map would be open-world, with different means of transport available. As reported, following E3 2019, where the game would be present on the show floor in a playable form, the usersPlaystation 4 Playstation Plus subscribers should be able to access a demo.

As usual, we invite you to remember that rumors or alleged leaks do not constitute official information. To have certain details, all that remains is to wait for statements from Square Enix.