Final Fantasy 7 Remake in Playable Form at E3 2019? There Is a “Around” Demo

Final Fantasy 7 Remake in Playable Form at E3 2019? There Is a

Four years after the original announcement, Final Fantasy 7 Remakereturned to show itself in a trailer for the second episode of PlayStation State of Play. Fans, as expected, rejoiced, even if there were some criticisms of the stylistic choices made by Square Enix.

At the end of the trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Japanese company confirmed that new information will be revealed in June, and an interesting indiscretion gives us reason to hope for a real gameplay video, if not more. In the last episode of the Ax of the Blood God podcast, US Gamer’s editor-in-chief Kat Bailey claimed to know some people who have already played Remake thanks to a demo that “sooner or later” will be shown.

Since E3 2019 is coming, and Square Enix has promised information precisely for the month of June, we would not be surprised if this demo was shown at the Square Enix conference scheduled for the Los Angeles fair. It would also be fantastic if the press were even allowed to try it. For the moment we can not help but wait, but the fact that the title is already around in playable format could be a good sign of the vitality of development.