Fortnite: Important Changes to the Looting With the New Update Are Planned


Revealed the use of the Ray Tracing in Fortnite X John Wick, the leaders of Epic Games illustrate the interventions that will take place with the next Fortnite Battaglia Reale update to improve the Looting of the most famous and played battle royale shooter in the world.

Through the pages of the Fortnite official website, the Epic boys inform us that they have decided to make a major change in the loot management system during the exploration of Fortnite Battaglia Reale island.

The element on which the bulk of the novelties envisaged by the American videogame giant will focus will concern the “Hold Pressed to Swap” function, added by Epic in one of the previous Fortnite updates to improve the users’ gaming experience in the early stages of the game online. After careful analysis and the proverbial exchange of views with community members, the US developers decide to take advantage of the next update to make this feature optional.

With the update scheduled for next week on PCs, consoles and iOS and Android mobile systems, therefore, players will be able to decide whether or not to keep the “Hold to Exchange” option according to their tastes: using this function, users can change the weapons, armor, and objects found on the map on the fly by dropping the equipment previously used to the ground. The new update should put an end to the MAT crossover dedicated to the John Wick 3 Parabellum film: in this regard, on these pages, you will find our Fortnite Guide to Wick Sizes.