Jedi Fallen Order: Motion Capture Is Over, Monaghan Celebrates With a Peculiar Video!

Jedi Fallen Order: Motion Capture Is Over, Monaghan Celebrates With a Peculiar Video!

Waiting for E3 2019, at which time we will finally be able to take a first look at the gameplay of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Cameron Monaghan, interpreter of the protagonist Kal Kestis, shares a peculiar behind-the-scenes story.

Through his official Instagram account, the actor announced that the motion capture sessions had come to an end over the last week. Eager to celebrate the event and share his enthusiasm for the project, Monaghan decided to share a short video with the user, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news. 

Inside we can see the interpreter intent in a motion capture session that sees him connected to a very peculiar “contraption”! The fun of the young person is amply reflected in the sequence and the positivity of this experience is underlined by himself in the text of the post, in which he declares: “A truly wonderful experience with new friends. I can’t believe it’s my job!”. Cameron Monaghan also seems to be thrilled with the result: ” The game is becoming incredible and I look forward to showing the hard work of all these talented people” . 

We remind you that the publication of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is expected on November 15th on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with Electronic Arts aiming to sell around six or eight million copies by March 2020.

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