Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: Team Empire Accesses the Finals

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: Team Empire Accesses the Finals

The second day of the Milanese event that concludes the Season Six of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League opens with the victory of Team Empire on the equally collective Fnatic quoted, with a result of 2 to 1 that allows the eSport group of the APAC region to obtain the coveted access to the Final.

After showing off their skills during the Final Fourth which saw them prevail over the NORA-Rengo, during the Semi-final against the Fnatic the Empire Team encountered not a few difficulties in breaking down the defenses set by the opposing Operators.

Appealing to the experience gained during the previous eSports tournaments played all over the world, the Australian collective was at a disadvantage for the first half of the challenge, only to grab the draw and spread with a third round that ended with 7 Rounds to 0 advantage on the Fnatic.

The tenacity demonstrated by the Empire Team is therefore rewarded by the transition to the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Super Final to be held this evening in the splendid setting of the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan against the eSport collective that will prevail in the digital battle between the FaZe Clan and the Evil Geniuses.

Before the Final begins, however, the official presentation of the new Operator that will characterize the next ingame event of R6S, namely the Phantom Sight Operation, is scheduled.